Asus 2g surf драйвер

Indeed, a minority of users have found happiness using efficient operating systems on the hot hardware of yesteryear. Clearly this recycling is counterintuitive to the massive PC industry. Big PC makers would rather see you buy their latest computational monstrosities.

Software makers add evermore features to their products thus choking current hardware and encouraging upgrades. It is strange to see one of the companies that benefits most from the PC industry as it exists today, come forward with a revolutionary computer that defies convention. I am of course referring to the Asus Eee PC. This tiny computer has been reviewed quite a bit lately in its various configurations.

The "Eee" represents a philosophy; easy to work, easy to learn and easy to play. Just about the hardest part of using this computer is deciding on which model to buy — both in terms of specifications and color. Black, white and at least in the case of the 2G pink, blue and green are your color choices. When you grab an Eee PC off the shelf at your local computer store, you will probably do a double take at the box.

It looks like a video card or motherboard box … it looks very small. The packaging is very consumer friendly and feminine with comforting images of happy Eee PC users. When you open the box, the tiny computer is nestled inside with a restore disk, driver disk for Windows installs and documentation.

It is no ThinkPad or MacBook, but it is creak free. There are zero removable access panels on the 2G Eee PC. While this gives a very nice — almost Apple-like — cleanliness to the design it will represent a challenge if you ever have occasion to open the Eee up for upgrades more on that later.

The 2G version of the Eee PC is the most modest configuration available as of this writing and it is doubtful that you could shave off any more from the specifications and have a usable computer. Form factor is unchanged between the models except for the addition of VGA webcams and access panels on the more expensive versions.

Differences between the 2G, 4G and 8G are primarily inside. Performance in many applications will suffer as a result. During usability testing, I found performance to be poor. This was primarily manifested by sluggishness when launching applications, switching between tabs in Firefox and jerky playback of video on sites like www. The EEE PC 2G did not meet expectations exhibiting a general lack of responsiveness that tried my patience during the test.

Low CPU speed should translate into reduced heat build up, the Eee gets warm to the touch even when on battery power. I found the right palm rest was where the heat was most concentrated, but the temperature does not make Eee uncomfortable to use.

Fan noise was tolerable, although the high pitch of the fan might annoy some people. System memory, at MB suits the intended purpose of the Eee PC — as the name indicates this is meant for surfing. Realistically, concurrent applications should be the limit — unless you are really patient. I understand the need to differentiate the product line from bottom to top, but I think this was an unfortunate decision by Asus.

Boot and shutdown time are extremely fast by Windows standards. It took just under thirty seconds to cold boot and just under nine seconds to completely shut off. Using the Eee PC for cloud computing, whereby you rely on web apps and storage, the 2 GB of storage should be fine. You might expect the keyboard to be terrible. The diminutive size of sub notebooks always presents a problem to PC makers. You need to make some sacrifices to get everything jammed into the limited space. It only takes a short while to get used to the size and key feel.

I found the touchpad well made but it took some serious tinkering to get it setup the way I like it. Its single mouse button is firm and feels durable. But as someone that taps his mouse pad instead of button clocks, it took a while to get the Eee PC to register clicks reliably. Wireless performance was good. I encountered a problem whereby the Eee would not reconnect automatically to my wireless network on resume from standby or restart.

This is probably a software issue. Left side view view large image. Right side view view large image. Chipset is the venerable Intel GML with integrated graphics shared memory.

Some people are squeezing old 3D games onto this device and claiming to be seeing playable frame rates. I think that is hogwash. The 7" screen is bright with good contrast. Screen width, in terms of usable desktop space, is a challenge. Increasingly, web designers are creating pages that are wider than pixels across.

On sites like this you will have to do some horizontal scrolling. Скачать драйвер genius speed wheel.

asus 2g surf драйвер

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