Tp-link wr741nd драйвер

Newer TP-Link retail firmwares confirmed on v2. Using the serial console, new firmware versions can be loaded via TFTP and flashed as follows. This assumes your TFTP server is reachable at You can change IP addresses with:. TFTP loading and flashing is done by issuing: If you have already installed OpenWrt and like to reflash for e.

EXE - p openwrt - ar71xx - generic - tl - wrnd - v1 - squashfs - sysupgrade. Remove the parenthesis and its content from the file name. This was confirmed by supertom If you already mv the original. Please make sure to SCP your binary again as in step 4 before executing the next code lines. In tp-link site they say that if you have you should update to before upgrading to , so it could be better to restore to and then upgrade "gradually" as they say.

They used to add the word "boot" in the filename, now you have to pay attention to the file size. Serial port is the two round joints just above the small surface mount chip in the centre. Take power from elsewhere. Case nearly the same case as v2. If you turn your wrnd upside down you will see 4 rubber legs. Under each of the 4 rubber legs is a screw. Now unscrew the 4 screws. Unscrew the aerial, and then the nut and washer.

Use a flat object such as the head of a flat screwdriver and gently try to pry open the top and bottom covers. Gently push upwards where the red arrows are and you can lift the top lid off. To remove the LED cover, pull it out in the direction of the arrows.

tp-link wr741nd драйвер

Remove the black strip and now you can lift the board out. However gpio0, gpio1 are used by system to control LEDs and gpio11, gpio12 as input buttons. Next step is to export control files of each pin:. Multiplexed pins cannot be software controlled.

We can undo the multiplexing by writing some memory registers, allowing to recover the GPIO functionality. The bit0 disables the JTAG pinmux, then we must write the value 0x Other GPIOs are not working for me. I am able to export all of them, I even could change the direction, but when I write new value, it never changes. Device works with Backfire Probably the hardware of all v4. An other good blog can be found here: And you need to connect to serial pins with USB to uart module, there are lots of cheap ones on eBay.

Turn on router, type tpl over serial terminal when the Autobooring in 1 second… message appears. You must be quick, or the router will continue bootlooping. Forum member pepe2k made a modification of U-Boot 1.

Up to date information, binary images and sources can be found on official GitHub repository. This modification started from wrn-uboot-with-web-failsafe project, but supports more devices, all modern web browsers, has a lot of improvements and other modifications like U-Boot NetConsole, custom commands, overclocking possibilities etc.

To access the serial console of the wrnd, you need to solder a serial header to the labelled pins. Or if you prefer, you can solder 4 wires to the pins on the back of the board. Now connect a serial device dku-5, ca and away you go! The right settings for accessing the wrnd serial console are as follows. No flow control did not work for my version 1. The trick is threading the 4 serial cables through the vent on the side of the router before putting back all the parts and closing the case.

Below is an example. In order to make the TX line working, the two points on the bottom side of the PCB must be connected with a small wire. Output level is 2. Connection needs a 3. It is possible to attach a usb socket directly to AR You need to solder directly to SoC pins and provide two 15k pulldowns on every line. USB power should come from somewhere else e. This is how it should be connected: You can read detailed instructions on the forum. Setup you Buildroot download the source, install the packages, make defconfig, make prereq, make menuconfig.

tp-link wr741nd драйвер

Select the needed packages - kmod-usb-storage block-mount kmod-fs-ext4 e2fsprogs you can add other kmod-fs modules for other file systems like NTFS and fat. Since this part is identical for all devices, see Basic configuration. You will save precious flash space, preinstalling these packages and config files with ImageBuilder. The official download link is know to be broken so use ImageBuilder from lastest trunk instead.

List config files anyway…. How to add tags. User Tools Register Log In. This wiki is read only and for archival purposes only. TFTP install via serial unbricking. Also works without issues with CC Чтобы избежать проблем при обновлении ПО, пожалуйста, прочитайте следующую информацию по процедуре обновления. НЕ рекомендуется устанавливать версию ПО, не предназначенную для вашего региона.

Нажмите здесь для выбора региона и загрузите наиболее актуальную версию ПО. Конфигурационные файлы могут быть некорректно установлены на новые версии встроенного ПО, требующие сброса на заводские настройки.

Рекомендации по обновлению ПО: TP-Link не обязан предоставлять сервисную или техническую поддержку для устройств со сторонним ПО и не гарантирует его стабильную работу. Ущерб, нанесённый устройству в результате использования стороннего ПО, аннулирует его гарантию.

Следующая информация предназначена для программистов и не представляет значимость для большинства конечных пользователей продукции TP-Link. Вы можете использовать соответствующее программное обеспечение на условиях лицензии GPL. Доступность модели и аппаратной версии может изменяться в зависимости от региона. Не забудьте подтвердить указанные данные при рассмотрении вопроса о покупке.

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